What is the Best Anal Lube in the Market?

Sex is undeniably one of the things that everyone wants perfect. Perfect in a sense where they won’t experience any problem while doing the activity. One kind of sex where some people are fan of is anal sex. Anal sex is the sexual act wherein the penis is inserted into the anus.

Doing this kind of sex can cause a tear on the rectal area for a reason of too much friction is present. This is due to the fact that rectal tissues can’t produce its own lubricant, unlike vagina. As a solution, anal lubricants can be used. The use this kind of personal lubricant can help the couple to have an easier, smoother, longer and more pleasurable anal sex.

Anal lubes come in a different composition. It can be in the composition of oil, water and silicone. Each composition has its own different brands and kinds that may suit you and your desire. Let’s try to know each composition for us to identify what is the best anal lube in the market.

Silicone Based Anal Lube

This kind of lube is an ideal lubricant to be used in anal sex. The best anal lube is made from silicone which is condom safe and it is designed to minimize friction and heat. Silicone based anal lube is usually used for it long-lasting and easy to clean up. There are a lot of silicone based lube which only varies in quality and performance.

Water Based Anal Lube

Just like silicone based lubes, this kind of lube is also condom safe and good for anal sex. The only thing that differs this from silicone based is that it doesn’t last longer. From the name “water “itself, our skin has pores which absorb water. Due to this reason, it would really be necessary to reapply water based lube regularly. But this kind of lube is a lot easier to clean up.

Oil Based Anal Lube

This anal lube is not for you are planning to practice safe sex. This lubricant comes in oil composition just like baby oils, Vaseline and petroleum jelly. Using of oil based lube can increase the chance of breaking the condom because oil reduces its elasticity. This lube is commendable for that couple who doesn’t use condoms.


Among the three anal lube composition, silicone and water based anal lube appears to be a candidate for being the best anal lube. Almost majority of the people today are practicing safe sex which eliminates the oil based lube on the list of being the best. But among the three, Silicone based anal lube is the safest for it didn’t show any chances of a growth risk of HIV compared to water based lubes.

Should you buy the Nikon D5300 bundle?

The answer to this question depends on if you had a DSLR before and even any point and shoot camera. If the Nikon D5300 is your first professional camera then by all means you should buy the bundle. However, even you need to find the right kind of bundle.

Nikon D5300 Bundle Essentials

Buying a bundle will save you a lot of money and headache since most of them are tailored made with what you should need as accessories. In that regard, every bundle deals should have at least the following accessories.

Item 1: Lens

The D5300 comes with a 18-55mm lens as the usual add-on. This lens can be used in multiple situations and can be your only lens. How with a good Nikon D5300 bundle you get at least two lenses (70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G lens, Wide Angle Auxiliary Lens, Telephoto Auxiliary Lens, etc… )

Item 2: Tripod 

This is very important in any shoot setting. Not all tripods are created equal. You will want one that solid and its height is to your liking. In many of Nikon D5300 deals, you will find 50” tripod which covers probably all your photography needs.

Item 3: Extra Battery and universal charger 

Having a extra battery is crucial as well as having a wireless battery charger. Even more important you travel a lot, especially outside of north America, buy a bundle that have a universal international charger that works everywhere in the world.


Other items should include more than one SD card, cleaning liquid, cotton swabs, cleaning cloth, mini tripod, screen protectors, memory cards wallet), a digital flash, a universal remote control and professional hand grip strap. There can more than this but that’s about what you need in a bundle deal.

To find more Nikon D5300 deals, visit http://nikond5300deals.com.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading this article.

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